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They did a great job… Nails trimmed, de-shedding.. way better than PetSmart!!! I have a yellow lab and after cleaning the hardwood floors… 80% less hair after a day!

– Jeff D.


Such an awesome place!

I heard about Dirty Dogs for awhile and finally decided to take my dog for a bath. I’m so glad I did! I was greeted at the door by friendly staff. They help set me and my dog up with a wash station, explained all the details and I went to work. Staff checked up on me several times and really made the experience great.

They have a selection of all natural products that I feel good about using on my dog. And bonus perfumes to use! I also love that I can get my dogs nails cut and other “spa” treatments for dogs. All for a great price, and no mess to clean up at my house. Can’t say enough great things about this place! I would highly recommend it.

– Morgan L.


So sweet, the people at Dirty Dogs. They took excellent care of my very shy and scared Golden Retriever. His coat looked shiny and healthy and he smelled heavenly. Definitely will go back!

– Sue B.


After having taken our dog to one of the “big box” groomers for several years, we decided to give a local place a chance. I’m so glad we did! The experience was better on so many levels and the staff was super friendly. I had expected that they would be more expensive, which I actually would have been fine with given that it was such superior service, but surprisingly it turned out to be a bit cheaper! Great place!

– Tracy T.


I have been going here for over a year with my three small doggies and they always look amazing and smell good! The staff and owners are amazing people focused on customer service! You should try it you won’t be disappointed!!

– Shelley T.


Last minute decision to get my Mini Schnauzer groomed (I usually do it myself but temporarily not able to do it) and they got me in the same day due to a cancellation. Best decision was using Dirty Dogs Spa.  Great people to work with and very understanding how I wanted her groomed.  My biggest concern is stressing out my dog.  They did exactly what I wanted and my baby wasn’t stressed at all when I picked her up.  I like that they don’t kennel them and keep them as little time as possible.  Most importantly was knowing they have a variety of services and are flexible so when I can get back to doing my own grooming, I have a lot of options.  I’ve already scheduled her for her next appointment.

-Vicki B.


We took our dog in for a full groom and are very pleased! LOVE the de-shedding treatment that they used on our retriever/lab mix!

– Addie A.


We heard so many great things about Dirty Dogs from people all over Wake Forest. We took our do there for the first time, and it was a delight. People were super friendly, their location is fun and energetic (and somehow it smells nice). The bath and nail trim were excellent.

– Stephen C.


I am thankful I have found Dirty Dogs! I had a horrible grooming experience at a large named place and was very hesitant to take my dog anywhere to be groomed. We went to check out Dirty Dogs and met the owner of the shop. Super nice and very helpful. The shop was very clean and well kept. They have places where you can bathe your own dog or can have them groomed. We chose to have our 5 month old Cocker Spaniel groomed. I was not able to drop or pick up Ella so I was able to call the owner and talk about how I wanted Ella groomed. Ella was perfectly groomed and smelled great! Like blueberries. Also the next day the owner called me to make sure I was happy with how Ella looked. Will I be back?? You bet and I will be bringing both of my dogs to them. Don’t hesitate to pick Dirty Dogs for your grooming.

– Christie B.


I am so glad that I found Dirty Dogs Spa. My dog is so terrified and the big box stores have little or no time to gently pamper him. Thanks so much for taking great care of my little man.

– Felicia D.


I went to Dirty Dogs to get my cairn terrier, Scooter, groomed.  First impression- clean, friendly, cute space. Everyone was extremely nice. I have owned dogs that have needed their hair cut since 1992 so I am very well versed in dog grooming facilities. I have also worked in the veterinary field for over 18 years so I am extremely picky about where I would leave my dog. There was no odor. Extremely clean as I said before. Scooter was done in an hour and looked great! I liked the fact that I didn’t have to leave her there all day.  Upon pick up, scooter was wagging her tail and seemed very happy. Again, everybody was so nice and pleasant.  I will definitely go back and also recommend them to my friends.

– Jennifer N.


I took my 2 dogs the other day to this dog spa. I have to say, everyone was very friendly and really did a great job grooming my babies! My dogs are not used to going somewhere to get groomed and the staff stepped right in to reassure them.

– Lisa


I recently moved to the Wake Forest area and found Dirty Dogs Spa.  My wife and I have a Maltipoo named Claire.  She is my wife’s love and joy.  The staff at Dirty Dogs took such great care of Claire.  We dropped her off at 8:30 and she was ready at 9:30.  The groomer was great, the trim was beautiful and my wife said she smelled “simply kissable”.  Thank you Dirty Dogs for being here.  We will definitely be back.

– Cory W.


Excellent service and assistance. We bathe our Burniese Mt. Dog every two weeks and he does so well at Dirty Dogs. This is an excellent self serve grooming service.

– Robin J.


I had an awesome experience at Dirty Dogs Spa.  I like the idea that the pets are not caged and that personal care is given to each pet.  My dog is older and doesn’t  handle chaos well, so dropping him off and picking him up in 1 hour works great for me.  Thank you Dirty Dogs staff for showing such love and compassion.  And for the record, your prices beat anyone around.   We will definitely be back.

– Alisha O.


The Dirty Dogs’ staff was very helpful. Everything we need was at our finger tips, from combs to towels, even aprons. Easiest bath we had ever given a dog!

– Geoff C.


Thanks for all the help today! It was a GREAT experience. Austin was extremely helpful and Jack says, Thanks!

– Mary P.


This was a great experience for me and my dog! The owner was friendly, the atmosphere was great and the price cannot be beat. I actually enjoyed bathing my dog!

The large elevated tubs saved the backache that typically occurs, the shampoo/conditioner delivery system was fantastic and the pet-safe dryer left my Beagle fluffy and dry (also got even more hair off!) and the best part was I got to just walk away and leave the mess to someone else.

– Heather M.


My dog was perfectly groomed. The owner was able to take direction over the phone and even called the next day to check on us. Don’t hesitate to pick Dirty Dogs for your groomer!

– Christie B.


Charleston smells great after his brown sugar scrub yesterday!!!!

– Rebecca R.


First impression – clean, friendly & cute. Everyone is extremely nice. I was able to take home my very happy and great looking dog after only an hour at Dirty Dogs.

– Jennifer N.


I took my dog Molly into Dirty Dogs for a wash and to get her nails trimmed. The staff was fantastic. I will definitely be back and telling my neighbors about them also.

– Maggie


Their facility makes it easy to handle my 80lbs lab and all the necessary tools are within reach. Bath time goes smoothly. There’s less stress on her and me!

– Patricia B.


I took Bentley in for the first time last week and had a great experience! Scheduling was easy using the online appointment option. I received email reminders leading up to the appointment, which was a nice touch. Melissa did a great job with Bentley, despite the fact he’s not a fan of the hair dryer or the Dremel. In addition to the grooming services, there is also a nice selection of all-natural grooming products available in the retail section. We’ll definitely be back.

– Denise E.


Gracie and myself love this place. The staff is great, very helpful. Normally I take Gracie and wash her myself, love the high tubs easy in the back, let them groom her for the first time Saturday, awesome job, she got the basic package and came out looking great! Online appointment system was great! Highly recommend this place.

– Debbie C.


I highly recommend Dirty Dogs.  The whole experience is “refreshing.”  We have one Sheltie that Melissa has been grooming for seven years now.  Our two newest dogs are Australian Shepherds and she has been grooming them for two years.  They all adore Melissa.  I appreciate the meticulous and loving care there at Dirty Dogs.  They meet my expectations and our dogs needs every time. Our Sheltie seems to step higher each time after being groomed by Melissa. Really!  We are so blessed to have such a good place and groomer that can make the whole experience a pleasure for our furry, family members.  Yes, I HIGHLY recommend Dirty Dogs and Melissa!  They keep those tails wagging.

– Lauren W.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job that they did on our two schnauzers today. They look gorgeous , even better than they look after their regular groomer in New York.  I know that they are not easy to deal with because they don’t like being groomed and despite that they did a great job!  Thank you.

Janet and Don W.