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Self Service Grooming

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At Dirty Dogs Spa in Wake Forest, you can enjoy the climate controlled, comfortable environment where you can bathe your dog in an elevated, specially designed tubs in our self wash and grooming area or you can take advantage of our professional grooming services. We provide the all natural shampoos and conditioners, towels, pet safe dryers, grooming tools, aprons, and a special snack. When done, we even clean up the mess.


Bath times are limited to 60 Minutes per pet. Please be considerate of others waiting; however we will try to accommodate all clients and their owners.


Be sure to read up on pet etiquette.


Certified pet skin care specialist


We offer two main types of grooming:


Self Service Grooming:

I can clean my dog myself!

  • Ruff Wash
  • Bow Wow Wash
  • Pampered Pooch


Full Service Grooming:

Includes Shampoo, Condition, Blow Dry, Nails, Trim Face, Sanitary and Paw Pads


Additional services are available for either type of grooming.


Please fill out the Client Registration and Grooming Release Form and bring it with you.


Birthday Party Packages

You and 3 of your friends can bring your canine companions to Dirty Dogs Spa for an afternoon of fun and celebration. Enjoy pampering your pooch with a Blueberry Facial or Sweet Brown Sugar Scrub, A Doggie Birthday Cookie and treats for each canine guest completed with all the decorations.


$125.00 (time 1.5 hours)


Custom Party Packages available. Contact us  for details.


Add-ons:  Doggie Birthday Cake, Catering for Guests, Cupcakes for Guests