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A revolutionary defense in the battle against bugs, Insect Shield® is a technology for treating gear that repels InsectShield-DirtyDogsmosquitoes, ticks, flies, and fleas. The active ingredient in Insect Shield is permethrin. This formula is tightly bound to fabric fibers, offering effective, odorless, built-in insect protection.

  • Repels harmful biting insects
  • Protects against insects that can carry West Nile virus and Lyme disease
  • Odorless
  • Protection is in the product, not on the skin
  • Offers year-round protection
  • Available in products for the home, car, & outdoors
  • EPA registered
  • Approved vendor of the U.S. military


Insect Shield Bandanan Green/Orange $8.99
Insect Shield Neck Gaiter Green/Orange (S/M/L) $12.99
Insect Shield Premium Tee Green/Orange (S/S-M/M) $16.99
Insect Shield Premium Tee Green/Orange (L/XL) $20.99
Insect Shield Blanket 56 x 48 Green/Orange $33.99
Insect Shield Blanket 74 x 56 Green/Orange $40.99
Insect Shield Reversible Bed S $22.99
Insect Shield Reversible Bed M $24.99
Insect Shield Reversible Bed M/L $33.99
Insect Shield Reversible Bed L $40.99
Insect Shield Safty Vest Green/Orange (S/S-M/M/L) $26.99