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Extra Hairy Dogs

Yes, we wash them! Ask if you don’t see your breed.

Here is the list:

 175AfghanHound_cropped 175Akita_cropped  175AlaskanMalamute_cropped 175AmericanEskimo_cropped
Afghan Hound Akita Alaskan Malamute American Eskimo
 175BeardedCollie_cropped  175BelgianSheepDog_cropped  175BelgianTervuren_cropped 175BerneseMountainDog_cropped
Bearded Collie Belgian Sheep Dog Belgian Tervuren Bernese Mtn Dog
 175BouvierdesFlandres_cropped  175Briard_cropped  175CockerSpaniel_cropped 175Collie_cropped
Bouvier Des Flandres Biard Cocker Spaniel Collie
 175GermanShephard_cropped  175GreatPyrenees_cropped  175Keeshond_cropped 175KerryBlueTerrier_cropped
German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Keeshond Kerry Blue Terrier
 175Komondor_cropped  175Newfoundland_cropped 175OldEnglishSheepdog_cropped 175Pekingnese_cropped
Komondor Newfoundland Old Eng. Sheepdog Pekingnese
 175SiberianHusky_cropped  175TibetanTerrier_cropped
Siberian Husky Tibetan Terrier